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Re: DBUS, ARM Board


Manveru wrote:
2009/3/31 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:

I may have some time later in the year to start this. I am currently
bringing a new ARM board to market that was designed with Kicad.

(-: To you have "KiCad Powered" sticker on them?? :-)

Da Board:


Very nice design - I like it :-) The flyer do not mention anything
about programming FPGA - do you assume that it keeps only your code in
its non-volatile memory or can it be reprogrammed by main processor?

It is assumed that the JTAG port will be used by an external programmer to write to the FPGA's non-volatile memory. It would not be too difficult to change the board to make it runtime programmable however. This would mean routing some lines from the GPIO pins on the CPU to the FPGA's programming pins. Lattice has some C code to help with the programming then. For our own use, we use the same FPGA code each time so it is easier to program it during manufacturing or shortly thereafter.