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Re: IDL for DBUS


Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:
I should not need to say that I disagree.


The board format is not even meeting our own needs, let alone those of others.


I agree with that too. I remember following that thread on the list. In fact it is somewhat connected to your work on Spectra format (very much apreciated btw)

Any new format would be better than what we have now, otherwise it would not be contemplated. The choice to use a file vs. an IPC mechanism is not mutually exclusive. Somebody could do either, or both. However,

If you are planning to move in that direction, maybe they can be planned in conjunction. Even if not executed at the same time... (again, just suggesting, I know)

And I'll add that interactivity in some contexts could enrich the user experience. Making a change in one program and then having that chainge INSTANTLY available in the other can be superior to reloading a file.

Yes that is nice, and bad too... I usualy don't like things too integrated because things can get too ugly too fast...

Example: I like the Netlist+CvPcb approach as it allows me to speculate on one side before commiting. (in that particular case, just an icon to simulate an integration would be great, just to save time)


Hi Dick,

I think that I did not explain myself at all well... Let me quote another of your messages:

>My suggestion is to use D-BUS. The file formats in Kicad are likely to
>evolve and that will break code that relies on a stable format. A
>series of well designed D-BUS functions are likely to be more stable >and immune from file format changes.

My point is exacly that: I prefer a file to store the board (or other) then to have a cominucation between 2 running programs. A file can be stored, transmitted, interpreted or converted by some other program, or whatever.

Why not an intermediate approach: a simple set of functions that create an ASCII file and read them? Maybe this can be closer to ideal?

In anyway, I ppreciate your work and I don't have time to contribute, so your word is last... I just want dt discuss that point a bit


Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:

Alain M. wrote:

Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:

D-BUS solves a lot of problems that we have, AND allows others to interface with Kicad in a well documented, and very rich way.

Peronaly, I don't like that approach. I like well documented *FILES* that can be easely created, modified and used.

Is it a requirement that as soon as D-BUS is implemented, all documentation on file formats be destroyed? I was not aware of that.

Could you please tell me (us?) what has to be done withou an intermediate file?

Don't understand the question.



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