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Re: broken eeschema


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> jean-pierre charras wrote:
>> Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :
>>> My big schematic file seems to be loading differently under the new 
>>> eeschema. I have a ground symbol in my private library. I used that in 
>>> the schematic. My personal library is right next to the schematic file 
>>> in the same directory as the schematic file, which is all part of the 
>>> same project.
>>> Now with the most recent eeschema, suddenly I have 83 erc errors, when I 
>>> load the same, unmodified schematic into the newest eeschema.
>>> The date of my schematic file is Feb 2009 so nothing changed in it in 
>>> awhile.
>>> If I load the same unmodified schematic file into a eeschema build made 
>>> with code at or around April 1st, there are no erc errors.
>>> When I say the ground symbol is separated from the wires, there is a 
>>> vertical gap in the newest software. Is it possible that there is a 
>>> different ground symbol being used, or is there something else at work here?
>>> Dick
>> Strange!
>> lib path handling has changed, so loading a different library is possible.
>> But this can happen only if 2 libraries with the same name exists in 
>> paths (the first one will be loaded).
>> Can you check if the ground symbol being used is the right symbol from 
>> the right library.

This doesn't make sense unless I do not understand how the library cache
works. Even if the library search order changed, the actual component
used in the schematic should be in the library cache which is always
loaded before any other libraries.

> There is a GND symbol in the power.lib, and its anchor point is along 
> the longest edge of the symbol. My GND has its anchor point more 
> towards the center of the symbol, so a different search order for the 
> symbol might be causing this. How do I tell the new path support to 
> find my library first?

In Eeschema open the library configuration editor and delete the power
library and insert it after your user defined library. If that doesn't
resolve the issue, please let me know and I will take a look at the
search path handler. I fixed a bug in SVN 1696 for user defined
libraries that were not in the project or default library search paths
(with fully qualified path). Maybe that is what you are seeing.

> Contrasting the two softwares, old and new:
> Old eeschema: when I go into eeschema's symbol editor, then click 
> select working library, I see my library as first in the "Select Lib" 
> popup list. It is listed as ./ks8695
> New eeschema: when I go into eeschema's symbol editor, then click select 
> working library, I see my library last in the "Select Lib" popup list. 
> It is listed as ks8695, with no ./ in front.

Adding the project library to the search path list eliminated the ./
requirement which require conversion to .\ in windows. The project path
is always inserted before all other search paths.

> I assume the symbol name is searched for through all the libraries. So 
> how do I fix this? Obviously a person would always want his local 
> libraries to trump any standard libraries.

Libraries loaded from the project file in the order they are listed and
searched for according to the search path list order. If you have
multiple libraries with the duplicate names, then the first one found in
the search path list will get loaded. Currently, the user defined
library path is added after the default library list. I can change this
to move it before the default path and after the project path. Does
this seems reasonable and would it solve the problem you are seeing.?


> Dick


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