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Re: broken eeschema


You still da man.


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

<< snipped >>

This sounds reasonable. I can try a patch out here if you send me one to test. Unfortunately, I cannot even follow the terms you are using, which in the above paragraph includes all these terms:


I just finish making this change. I'll commit it to SVN as soon as I
get a chance to test it.

1) default path

Where Kicad libraries get installed. (/usr/share/kicad/library for
schematic library components on Linux )

2) project path

Path from where the project file (foo.pro) file was loaded. ( typically
is the current working directory but not necessarily ).

3) user defined library path

Path defined by user and modified using the library dialog box in the
appropriate application. Schematic library, PCB foot print module
library, and CvPcb paths can be defined independently and are saved in
the project file. This is currently not a cross platform compatible
solution for the obvious reasons. "C:\Program Files\kicad\my_libraries"
has no more meaning on Linux than "/mnt/windows/c/Program
Files/kicad/my_libraries" has in Windows even thought they point to the
same place on my machine. Some day I plan on making these path
application settings and get rid of full qualified path names when

4) default path list

The path(s) where the Kicad library files are typically installed and
where the new search path list looks for libraries. I made one slight
improvement to this over the previous version. The default library
paths are now determined a run time relative to the executable path (
/usr/bin in Linux ). This was done so that you can run a development
version of Kicad installed in a different path than the release version.
Previously, these paths were hard coded. If your install path wasn't
in the list, you got lots of library not found errors. Now you can run
a development version, shut down, and run a release version and all of
the appropriate standard libraries are found.

5) default library list

The Kicad template project file is used when a new project is created.
It has some of the component and module libraries predefined. See
"kicad.pro" in the "template" source code subdirectory.

Please, for the benefit of everyone, what do these mean?

Sorry about the confusion. I hope this helps.



I am just a microcosm of what any other user might experience when this code hits the street.



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