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Re: broken eeschema


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
> <...>
>> This doesn't make sense unless I do not understand how the library cache
>> works. Even if the library search order changed, the actual component
>> used in the schematic should be in the library cache which is always
>> loaded before any other libraries.
> Well, the library cache contains all the components found in the 
> schematic project.
> So if you run kicad and you have missing libraries , eeschema still 
> displays your schematic, using the library cache.
> It is used just in case your lost usual libraries, or when you send your 
> project to someone.
> But this library must be the last loaded library and must not be edited, 
> because components are expected be found in usual libraries..
> Why ?
> because if it is the first, you cannot change an existing component in a 
> library and see these changes in your schematic,
> if the old one (in the cache) is used insteed

Thanks for the information. That would more than likely explain the
problem Dick was seeing. I must have missed the code path where the
libraries get loaded before the cache.