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Re: changes to specctra.cpp


2009/4/16 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:
> Jean-Pierre,
> Why the changes in Rev: 1723 to specctra.cpp?
> What we lost was the ability of the translator to put the filename
> anywhere in the sentence? Some languages are formulated differently,
> and putting the filename at the end of the output string may not always
> be appropriate.
> Something going wrong with GetData()? There is the new
> *wxString::wchar_str*()
> function which probably serves the same purpose.
> If there was some compelling reason to take the %s out of the
> translatable format string, (and I do not think there is), then why ask
> the translator to translate the \" quote character in the new
> translatable format string?
> Dick
> if( !fp )
> {
> - ThrowIOError( _("Unable to open file \"%s\""),
> filename.GetData() );
> + ThrowIOError( _("Unable to open file \"") + filename +wxT("\"") );
> }

This is *COMPLETLY BAD* idea - I was a translator for couple projects,
and this solution causes the context of whole expression to be lost.
For translators not having proper context makes project
I insist to return to previous model with complete
sentences/expressions in strings. This is known "design pattern" in
gettext area to have them with all the %s'es and %d's in strings.
KiCad do not use support for pluralization (did I use this word
correctly?) where whole expressions are a must to be properly

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