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Re: changes to specctra.cpp


Something going wrong with GetData()? There is the new

*wxString::wchar_ str*()

function which probably serves the same purpose.

If there was some compelling reason to take the %s out of the
translatable format string, (and I do not think there is), then why ask
the translator to translate the \" quote character in the new
translatable format string?


This is a not well done work. Sorry.

Since 3 or 4 days, i am testing wxWidgets 2.9 (i.e. devel version of wxWidgets 3.0)

ThrowIOError( _("Unable to open file \"%s\""), filename.GetData() ); does not work
( non-POD error)

*wxString::wchar_ str*() does not change anything.

This is the reason of my changes.

wxString msg;
msg.Printf( _("Unable to open file \"%s\""), filename.GetData() );
ThrowIOError( msg );

That's fine on a temporary basis.

I will look into wxString::wx_str()

as a longer term solution. ThrowIOError() is a convenience function. It is not currently convenient to use, and I don't like that. We are missing something, and I'd like to know more about what that is.