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Re: RS274X file format.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

<< snipped >>

> There is minimal wxWidgets stuff in the specctra code, intentionally. I 
> figured somebody would want to hi-jack it for another project some day.

I can appreciate not wanting your code hi-jacked.

> wxWidgets is a UI. There is no UI requirements in there, intentionally, 

I think wxWidgets has gone beyond just being a UI. There is a lot of
non-UI application framework stuff in there.

> as mentioned. Everything that needs to be reported is bundled in an 
> exception (text).

> This is my Java experience coming through, and I am comfortable with 
> using exceptions in this way, way under neath anything associated with 
> wxWidgets. 

I am fine with exceptions myself. I use them for almost all of my error
handling in Python. Maybe it is time for me to rethink using exceptions
in wxWidgets code.


> Thanks for the stream definition.
> Dick


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