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Re: RS274X file format.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> This is why I have been using wxList and wxArray instead of C++ list and
>> vector. 
> I don't share your enthusiasm for these two containers.

I am not enthusiastic about using these containers either. I would much
rather use the standard C++ libraries as long as I don't get bit by
portability issues. In fact I initially considered using C++ list
instead of wxList for the changes I made to CVPcb. The C++ list
implementation has a unique method that would have simplified things
significantly. I will start using the the C++ container classes going
forward and change the code I have already committed as time permits.

> There is little standard about C++ if <vector> is not. 
> In fact I would even disagree with you. wxString is reasonable because 
> it is unicode and work with the gui functions. Beyond that using 
> standard C++ containers is entirely safe and likely gives you an easier 
> path to a different GUI library. Say somebody wanted to go to QT 
> someday......

Hopefully someone will write a wxQT port so our job will be a simple


> Dick