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Re: Re: Layers visibility


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> Strategically i think it's better that kicad that can scale from the NetPC to the dual headed workstation, both targets could benefict (also if with different grade) of an efficient use of the user screen and think was well in mind of developers that have designed an "hiding" microwave toolbar.
>> Have a multitude of platforms and user machines sizes support i think is the best asset for kicad.
>> My pointing for wxAUI toolbars was pointing in this direction, could permit at the user a better arrangement of toolbars for example between 4:3 and 16:9 monitors, for left or right-handed users, the possibility to "hide" them on user needs or the possibility to export some on a second monitor.
>> Those could be usefully also looking to futurible "plugins" (new netlists formats, gnucap) or interfaces with other features.
> I see. 
>> I know also that there are hard restructuring actions in progress and with this "code diet" in progress i understand and agree is a time to proceed with little steps avoiding to make the situation more complicated to manage and cleanup.
> I think we should give Gabriele as much to do as possible, well as much 
> as he is willing to do anyway :-) . The problem with little steps is 
> that they don't get you very far. The problem with big steps is that 
> you have to be sure you are going in the right direction, because going 
> in the wrong direction faster with big steps, takes you longer to 
> correct later.

Agreed. If Gabriele has the time, motivation, and experience to take on
this challenge, I'm all for letting take the ball and run with it.

> We are churning for the best solution, plain and simple. Once we have 
> that, the "step size risk" is removed. I don't see a need for 
> incrementalism.

Once we define the best solution, it should be completely implemented.
We can always fine tune it as we go. I think if the decision is made to
use wxAUI, that will make an incremental implementation unlikely.

> What is the status of wxAui really?

That is a good question. I just grepped the wxFormBuilder source and it
doesn't use wxAUI. I am not aware of any major wxWidgets application
that uses it. I would feel better knowing that someone else has
successfully used wxAUI in a large application before we head down that
path. Unless of course we want to be the application that finds all the
hidden problems in wxAUI. Then again, maybe everything will work out
with no unforeseen problems.

> And why do folks think it is a lot of work to incorporate?

I imagine it depends on the level of wxAui support you want to implement
and how well the existing frames in Kicad behave when managed by wxAUI.
The auidemo sample in the wxWidgets source is a good place to start.


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