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Re: Re: Layers visibility


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> Now that I am officially a major share holder of GM, I plan on getting
>> that second monitor with my first dividend check ;)
>> Wayne
> I remember last October or so, before the election, when the congress 
> was unwilling to bail out GM. Bush and Cheney started it, without 
> consent from congress. Cheney went on TV and said congress was being 
> irresponsible for not acting.....
> Obama is clueless. His only clue is what Cheney started, along with 
> the nodding heads of the union bosses.
> There will never be a politician with which we will agree 100%. But we 
> are at the point of spending ourselves into oblivion, and voices must be 
> heard.
> My voice: stop the spending, kill off the UAW.
> Enough, no more on this subject from me.
> Dick

Your preaching to the choir! All politics aside, I just want to make
sure we maintain usability for lower end systems. I don't see anyone
using a hand held device to edit schematics or layout PCBs. But I would
like to be able to use my laptop to get work done when I travel. So
supporting resolutions of 1024 x 768 (maybe even 800 x 600) doesn't seem