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Re: Feedback and wishlist


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Werner Almesberger <werner@...> wrote:

> Impedance ! :)

Of course, then a stripline/balanced line designer :D:D

> > = Naming the net without placing a label?
> Hmm, I'd rather avoid invisible things. That's what drove me away from

Well you could put the label anyway!

BTW... how do you people survive with 'hidden pins' for power supply? We usually have 3 or more power rails (unregulated DC, 5V or 3V3, sometimes a 12V or 24V rail...) plus of course some 'dynamic powering' for some peculiar things AND separate ground nets (PE, power and signal, joined with a special virtual component)... it is often the case, for example, that one op-amp runs from 5V and another one from 12V... how do you declare that with hidden power supplies?

> and schematics. KiCad also has a few, e.g., pin type, but at least that

Good luck defining pin types in the modern MCU :D

> The POSIX file system is already a very fine database, and there
> isn't exactly a shortage of revision control systems for it
> either :-)

You didn't read carefully all of the post... I'm the one keeping libraries under svn

> Also, please don't underestimate the cost of a database system.
> If each multi-person project using KiCad needs to set up a
> separate database server and maybe coordinate a bunch of new
> extensions across a possibly geographically distributed and
> heterogenous group of developers, just the logistics of keeping
> KiCad operational may get very costly.

Of course that would be completely OPTIONAL. In fact, if I read correctly the brochure, CIS works feeding the local libraries from the db (and back).

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