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Re: Feedback and wishlist


2009/6/30 Werner Almesberger <werner@...>
> Also, please don't underestimate the cost of a database system.
> If each multi-person project using KiCad needs to set up a
> separate database server and maybe coordinate a bunch of new
> extensions across a possibly geographically distributed and
> heterogenous group of developers, just the logistics of keeping
> KiCad operational may get very costly.
> If someone adds a database interface, please make it such that
> the default database is still a plain directory hierarchy. Maybe
> it would be good to think of what functions such an interface
> should provide, then convert the existing mechanism to it, etc.

I was thinking about solution which is not costly for typical user,
but allows access to KiCad parts repository and gives corporate users
to create their own database with parts. Local database could be hold
as SQLite, but we should keep file format as transfer files for users
wanting to share their new parts without repositories. This system
should be transparent for beginners with KiCad and should allow
advanced configuration only on demand.

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