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Re: Re: Feedback and wishlist


Lorenzo wrote:
> Of course, then a stripline/balanced line designer :D:D

Small baby steps ;-)

> Well you could put the label anyway!

Okay :-)

> Good luck defining pin types in the modern MCU :D

They're no fun indeed. I do wonder at times if the pin types are
really all that useful and if we shouldn't have a project-specific
kind of profile for components that overrides the component's

The basic problem is that there's a difference between what a pin
can possibly do and what a pin is actually doing, and we don't
have a means to express this. Worse yet, this may change over time
and the information should also propagate across components (e.g.,
if there's a 0R resistor in the path).

In the end only a full-sized simulation can answer all these
questions, but there may be a sweet spot earlier, and we may not
have found it yet.

> You didn't read carefully all of the post... I'm the one keeping
> libraries under svn

I saw it and I wondered why you still wanted a database ;-)

- Werner