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Re: PCBNEW DRC with rotated rectangular pads (partial


Jonas Diemer wrote:
Am Montag, 7. September 2009 12:23:38 schrieb jean-pierre charras - INPG:

I do not believe Pcbnew must create a DRC error for each pad having a
non 0 or 90 deg orientation.
This will understand as a BUG for users who have such pads in their board.

True it is a poor fix, best fix would be to implement clearance check for non-
oriented pads. The question is what we do until this is implemented:

Option 1 (current state): Ignore these and do not generate DRC marker. This would mean that there are undetected DRC violations.

Option 2 (my suggestion): Generate errors in those cases, where we can not say whetern DRC rules are met. This will generate false positives...

Option 3: Enhance Option 2 by simple bounding box check to reduce false positives.

- Jonas

I hope to get into the DRC code very soon to add in the net class clearances. After my work: the allowed clearance between 2 objects will be the larger of the two involved net classes' clearances.

It would be nice to know somebody else is not concurrently working on DRC while I do this.

Maybe the best solution to the rotated pad problem is to simply fix the problem with the needed geometric transformations. This is a matter of doing the proper research and taking inventory of the provided routines that exist within Kicad and those that might be missing. This research (taking inventory) can be done by anybody at any time, it is not a matter of coding.

Usually the coding is easy once the research and planning phase is done. The internet, and the availability of other open source projects from which ideas can be gleaned, makes this easier today than it ever has been.


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