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Re: PCBNEW DRC with rotated rectangular pads (partial


Alain Mouette wrote:
Jonas Diemer escreveu:

Option 1 (current state): Ignore these and do not generate DRC marker. This would mean that there are undetected DRC violations.

There are already a lot of undetected DRC violations, see my past posts :(

I love kicad, but some things are just treated as "No one of us cares, so leave it as it is..." which is just a pity.

It is highly unlikely that no one cares.

When something does not get done in an open source project, I would not assume it is because no one cares.

More likely: the cost is too high.

Meaning: good software is NEVER free. Somebody ALWAYS pays for it. Any developer capable of writing software for a project like Kicad is valuable. And time is money.

Alain, you cannot reduce the cost of writing free software, however you can increase the reward by being a little more positive. Please do not give up your day job for being a motivational speaker.


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