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Re: Kicad build fails with Boost 1.34 (documentation


Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:
Alain Mouette wrote:

Does anyone have a link to the 9.04 files that are needed to install boost 1.37?

it would help a lot, many people :)

http://packages.ubuntu.com/ You can search from here, and get this:

Well, I had already gone down that road but I ended with more questions than I had before. That is why I asked for help...

I even tried the original boost which compiled to more then 500Mb of useless junk in my machine...

I am asking help if anyone has a small list of .deb files that can be installed and that just enables kicad to compile. Not the road to find an infinite amout of files to sort out, or a route to become a boost expert ;)

I think we were talking about Ubuntu here, don't recall.


Thanks again

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