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Re: Command ID refactoring.


I do this as well. But eventually I will have do a "make install" which
will rebuild all of the other project files that technically do not need
recompiled. It seems reasonable to me to not have every executable
rebuilt when I just want to add a new command to CVPcb. It also helps
out the folks doing nightly SVN builds for testing purposes. I know the
hard drives on my development systems are happy about the change;)

True, and I think on balance this is a nice commit, since it does this.


(I just got my new computer, which I treat myself to once per every 5 years or so. I pushed the envelop WAY out this time. Cannot wait to take on one of those big compiles. The machine is quite a large step forward, and I loaded it with 64 bit Ubuntu Jaunty instead of 32 bit Hardy. )


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