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Re: Launchpad: Mea maxima culpa


2009/10/15 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>
> >
> Manveru,
> I think the best way for you to remedy your mistake is to delete the
> project on Launchpad.
> This is the most respectful thing we can do for Igor Plyatov and
> Jean-Pierre at this time.
> Your comments and opinions on features that we need to manage this
> project are always welcome, and those opinions will carry more weight
> from folks such as yourself who have actually volunteered and done some
> research on the tools. It seems you are willing to continue doing this.
> Dick

I would like to know opinions by Igor and Jean-Pierre, but removing
these two seems to be most obvious decision until decision is made.

Couple of things worth to know are:
1. You do know have change some of your habits when you choose
Lanuchpad, it allows you to enter your homepage of the project, your
download directories (I think it supports collaboration with
sourceforge), work with your code repository. So, using launchpad
could be done with respect to all job already done.
2. The project hierarchy allows to create 'Product' tied with
'Projects', so it is possible to have 'KiCad' product with 'pcbnew'
project, 'eeschema' project, 'library' project, 'documentation'
project, etc. Such granulation is a choice of developers, you can
limit it to 'document', 'libraries', 'application' if you want.
3. Roles on launchpad can be applied to individuals or groups. So for
example feature approvers could be selected developer or a group
related to one of the projects.
4. The development can be maintained in series. This really may speed
up the development and releasing. Let's assume you want to release on
December a 1.0 official version, but you do not want to stop
development of further features. Create a series for 1.0 and then
milestones and releases there taking from given branch (they could be
imported from your SVN). You then can work on repair bugs for 1.0
final release. At the same time project may have 1.3 series, where the
development continues work on new features for future 1.3 release.
Proper operation on this requires using branches, but you can use SVN
trunk for one series and register Bazaar branch for new series for
easier migration.
5. And the icing on the cake is that you can tie development series
with Ubuntu release to get KiCad released with finally released series

That is what I know till know. I did not mention blueprints above as I
described them in other messages.

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