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Re: Launchpad: Mea maxima culpa


2009/10/16 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>
> Manveru wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Yesterday I tried to create KiCad project on Lanuchpad.net sandbox, bo
> > I missed the fact I was redirected to production site on project
> > creation and team creation. I would like to experiment on real data,
> > but without consequences and I failed.
> >
> > Because the KiCad project is created and the KiCad Developers group is
> > created I would like to know whether other want to make use any of
> > them, or not.
> >
> > If you want I submit a ticket for removing of these two (as they are
> > fake now). Or I can add Jean Pierre or Dick as owner (you need to have
> > launchpad account). Additionally it is possible to use these created
> > project and group to play on sandbox (https://staging.launchpad.net/),
> > but it needs real account created.
> >
> > Please tell me, what do you prefer.
> >
> I've done that now.
> > I apologize for this mistake, it was not my intention to takeover anything.
> >
> Just an observation: you did not volunteer to remove yourself as
> "owner", only to add Jean Pierre or me.
> Therefore, should we assume that you want to elevate yourself into a
> "shared owner" status?
> (If so, then this makes your apology dis-ingenuous.)
> ====================================================
> Is a project owner different than a project leader? Of course.
> A project leader leads. I don't know what a project owner is. Maybe a
> "project owner" is a title that Launchpad gives to the persons who can
> configure the website in an unimpeded fashion?
> Therefore, project leadership is more important than being a project owner.
> There can be more than one project leader. But I would not want to
> share project leadership with just anybody.
> This last bit is political, not technical.
> Dick

Answering to first part, I assumed that you would tell me to remove
myself if you expect that (Now I now you expect).

About 'ownership' - the roles in the launchpad have more meaning as
permissions to particular part of the functionality. To lead the
project you do not need even account there, until you want to use any
of these functionalities.

I am currently experimenting a little with the project I created, and
I plan to request a removal next week, as I will not have time to do
anything else with that. I hope it satisfies you.

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