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Re: Launchpad: Mea maxima culpa


I am currently experimenting a little with the project I created, and
I plan to request a removal next week, as I will not have time to do
anything else with that. I hope it satisfies you.

Thank you. Your efforts have succeeded, apology is accepted and I will not bring it up again.


The Launchpad software has been open sourced now, so for those with the capability to install it and support it, it can in theory run anywhere, not just launchpad.net. I have put in a request to sourceforge that they install and support it, just to keep our options open, and to make them aware of a competitor that is probably hurting them. Competition breeds success. Sourceforge seems to be putting in more effort lately, since they have added support for quite a few web apps recently, one of which is Trac. They also have git and bazaar, as pre-installed packages that we can pick from on their site.

Switching to lauchpad software or anything else, regardless of location, assumes we could ever build a reasonable consensus among our project participants.

Manveru, are you now of the opinion that we should be using Launchpad software (regardless of where it is hosted) ?

What is your opinion of bazaar?

And of git?


(BTW, for those who also want to offer an opinion, there are over 14,000 projects at Launchpad from which you can choose to test out the features of the Launchpad software. It really does not have to be Kicad source that you check out, say using bazaar. Check out some projects that are using blueprints. I am willing to continue to work towards determining a consensus among active project members.)

I know that everyone's time is scarce. So maybe you do not have time to play around with a launchpad project. (I have never used either web app, not Trac nor Launchpad. I just know that the yahoo mailing list is inadequate.)

So what about this line of reasoning: I am struck by the fact that Canonical is a company with fairly deep pockets (by virtue of their owner, irrespective of the company's income statement). And one has to ask why would they invest in launchpad software when they could have used Trac, unless they felt that Trac or any other web app like it was not good enough for them? And is it not likely that they succeeded in surpassing Trac? This is a line of thought that can be followed without even looking at either package. And don't they have superior development resources to propel the software faster than Trac or any other project web app in this category, going forward?



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