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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?


Mateusz wrote:
> Please keep in mind that it is an alpha version of this program. I haven't developed it further because nobody was interested. 
> I am more than willing to improve/change it if you could give me some hints.
> I believe that maybe putting both translation is an option. Moreover I think we should mark somehow google translation to distinguish it from the original English remarks ( maybe //g & /*g )


JP has been slowly converting comments to English as his time permits.
I believe the project is moving towards English comments. JP can
probably comment on this better than I can. Having comments in multiple
languages may make the source code unreasonably cluttered. This may
also lead to some odd looking Doxygen output.


> If you have any problem with using/compiling/running it please feel free to contact me!
> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Rob Frohne <rob.frohne@...> wrote:
>> Hi Matuesz,
>> And thanks to Wayne for the pointer to your comment translation 
>> program. It should prove useful to me. The reason I was putting the 
>> English comments below the French ones was that I wasn't totally sure 
>> iGoogle was translating everything perfectly, and J.P. and other French 
>> authors probably like their French comments. I'll try your program out 
>> and see how helpful it is for me. Perhaps if it put the English 
>> comments below the French ones, then it might be a good thing to 
>> actually check the revised code into svn, as it would help me at least, 
>> and probably Wayne. Also, as those less linguistically challenged than 
>> us, read and see mistakes, they could correct them, and eventually we 
>> would end up with better comments for us poor English speakers. It 
>> might be nice for the reverse to occur as well, so that English comments 
>> could be translated into French.
>> Just my thoughts....
>> Thanks!
>> Rob
>> Mateusz wrote:
>>> Now the program automatically changes the French remarks to English, 
>>> but if you are interested, I may modify it to put the English 
>>> translation below the French one.
>>> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
>>> <mailto:kicad-devel%40yahoogroups.com>, Wayne Stambaugh 
>>> <stambaughw@> wrote:
>>>> Rob Frohne wrote:
>>>>> Hi Everyone,
>>>>> As I read the code, I'm using iGoogle to translate the French 
>>> comments,
>>>>> and putting the translation under the French originals for myself, 
>>> since
>>>>> I'm handicapped in a language sort of way. :-) If they are of use to
>>>>> others, I can provide the patches.
>>>> Rob,
>>>> Check out some of the work Mateusz did on comment translation here:
>>>> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/kicad-devel/message/3274. 
>>> <http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/kicad-devel/message/3274.> I am all
>>>> for translating the comments where it is beneficial. Some of the
>>>> translations can be a bit strange and sometimes they're outright 
>>> amusing.
>>>> Wayne
>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>> Rob
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