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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Mateusz wrote:

Please keep in mind that it is an alpha version of this program. I haven't developed it further because nobody was interested.
I am more than willing to improve/change it if you could give me some hints.

I believe that maybe putting both translation is an option. Moreover I think we should mark somehow google translation to distinguish it from the original English remarks ( maybe //g & /*g )


JP has been slowly converting comments to English as his time permits.
I believe the project is moving towards English comments. JP can
probably comment on this better than I can. Having comments in multiple
languages may make the source code unreasonably cluttered. This may
also lead to some odd looking Doxygen output.



I agree with Wayne. Let's get it over to English. I would be in favor of doing the entire project just to get it done and switched over to English. Maybe this is something you and Wayne can work out. If it the conversion script gets to a point where it is doing a "decent job", then maybe some nearby weekend you guys could just convert everything over.

If you make it easy enough for Wayne, I suspect he would be willing to run the script and do a subsequent commit.

A "Decent Job" to me is:

1) can recognize French, and never takes any English as French. We don't want English being translated.

2) keeps comment textual formatting same, such as comment style and indentation.

Imagine 3 conditions of French comments: a) where we are now, b) if all French comments were simply to be deleted from the project without translation, and c) where we would be after running the script.

It is like a fork in the road.

One could make a sensible argument that b) is better than a), and that c) is better than b).

You might be surprised by my statement that b) is better than a), but I think the French comments are paralyzing to anybody who might otherwise be inclined to improve a comment manually.

(And if we were to find ourselves at c) we can do those improvements manually without paralysis.)


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