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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?



I just built and ran the your translator program. (Not sure why you call it a script, since its in C++.)

Frankly, it was far less than what I was expecting. I think I detected a single line limitation, correct? (I'll assume so for remainder of email.) The single line orientation is quite limiting. I have already translated scores of Kicad comments from French to English using JEdit and babelfish at altavista, simply by using copy and paste, followed by manual revision. Using google could be done similarly.

I'm thinking that since the important comments are not single lined, I don't believe your program is helpful for the most important comments.

Simply doing a copy to clipboard, paste to browser, submit to translation service, and then cut and paste back would be the way I would work. And if I thought there was going to be hundreds of these blocks, I would probably write a JEdit plugin in Java to do some of what you are doing with libcurl. The actual text to translate could come from a "selected" block of text. JEdit can handle text block selections in a manor which is more advanced than some simple text editors.

There are other ideas to consider, such as augmenting uncrustify to pipe out comments and get the translated ones back.

Like much in life, it comes down to a cost vs. benefit analysis, an analysis which needs to consider the cut/paste alternative I mentioned.

Most folks are pretty comfortable in the text editors of their choice, and as I said, I think I would find simply copying and pasting to the website and back to be the best way to handle the multi-line comments. Maybe a person could do all the multi-line comments as I mentioned first, and then come back and do the single line comments later using your program. Usually the single line comments are not nearly as valuable, and when they state the obvious, I have been known to simply delete them.

BTW, JEdit is what I use to wrote most of my code in.


As I said the program is still in alpha version, so please try to run it and give me some feedback what should be improved.

I think that script will never be good enough to allow automatic translation. Just think how the source would look like if we mixed the real English comments with the translated one. I believe the wrong translated comments would stay there forever what would make a very bad impression (worse than French comments).
It seems there are three of us (Wayne, Rob and myself) so if each of us can translate two files a day (no more than 15 minutes of work with assistance of my program) we could make progress really fast (note that not every file needs translation).

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jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:

I understand problems created by French comments.
(Although French language is very easy to learn: I was talking French when I was 3 years old only... :-) (this was a long time ago) )
About automatic translation comments from French to English:
when the translation is reasonably good (understandable) : the old French comments can be removed.
but I am thinking some translated comments will be understandable,
because the automatic translation has limited (and sometimes very curious) results, and also because comments are sometimes in a short form, they can be difficult to translate.
So for such cases, send me a mail, I'll translate these comments


Thanks for the help. I'll review the translations from Mateusz or using
his translation program and I'll forward the original comments that
don't translate well to English as required. I hope that there are not
too many of these. I suggest we translate one file at a time until we
get a good idea of how much manual translation is required so we don't
get overwhelmed. If there are minimal manual translations, we can
increase the number translated files per patch.



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