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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?


Mateusz wrote:
> Dick!
> There is no/shouldn't be a single line limitation.
> See example I attached to mailing list!
> If you could give me the name of file where it happens.
> Mateusz

Attached is the *.png file which is a screen capture of the program + a 
"ksnapshot" UI wrapper which I was unable to get rid of. Ignore the 
ksnapshot container part please. (This recent version of ksnapshot is 
giving me grief in this regard, a new bug I guess.)

Notice that the "translator" popup panel is showing me only a single 
line of text. How am I supposed to interpret this?

I cannot read the buttons.

The text prompts are not readable, the words French and English are 
truncated. (I use 18 point fonts.)

If your tool can translate multi-line comments, then this does indeed 
change my perspective on it for the better.

But apparently your tool is not idiot proof, as this idiot was able to 
get confused by it.


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