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Re: Re: Would anyone else like English comments?


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Mateusz,
> I just built and ran the your translator program. (Not sure why you 
> call it a script, since its in C++.)
> Frankly, it was far less than what I was expecting. I think I detected 
> a single line limitation, correct? (I'll assume so for remainder of 
> email.) The single line orientation is quite limiting. I have already 
> translated scores of Kicad comments from French to English using JEdit 
> and babelfish at altavista, simply by using copy and paste, followed by 
> manual revision. Using google could be done similarly.
> I'm thinking that since the important comments are not single lined, I 
> don't believe your program is helpful for the most important comments.
> Simply doing a copy to clipboard, paste to browser, submit to 
> translation service, and then cut and paste back would be the way I 
> would work. And if I thought there was going to be hundreds of these 
> blocks, I would probably write a JEdit plugin in Java to do some of what 
> you are doing with libcurl. The actual text to translate could come 
> from a "selected" block of text. JEdit can handle text block selections 
> in a manor which is more advanced than some simple text editors.
> There are other ideas to consider, such as augmenting uncrustify to pipe 
> out comments and get the translated ones back.
> Like much in life, it comes down to a cost vs. benefit analysis, an 
> analysis which needs to consider the cut/paste alternative I mentioned.
> Most folks are pretty comfortable in the text editors of their choice, 
> and as I said, I think I would find simply copying and pasting to the 
> website and back to be the best way to handle the multi-line comments. 
> Maybe a person could do all the multi-line comments as I mentioned 
> first, and then come back and do the single line comments later using 
> your program. Usually the single line comments are not nearly as 
> valuable, and when they state the obvious, I have been known to simply 
> delete them.

It seems to me that the method of translation can be left to the person
doing the translation. I just translated a few comments in some of the
code I am working on with Google and it seemed pretty painless. I may
see things differently if I come across a file where most of the
comments are in French. At that point I may give the program Mateusz
wrote a try. I will take on the task of translating the source in
EESchema since I know my way around that code fairly well unless someone
else has already started on it.


> BTW, JEdit is what I use to wrote most of my code in.
> Dick

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