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Re: bad dialogs


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
>> > The problem reported by Dick (Column label too small under linux) is
>> not
>> > solved.
>> I had a tough time solving this as well. I eventually had to pad an
>> empty sizer cell with a spacer to make it work and this may not work in
>> all cases. I'm not sure how your going to solve this with a grid
>> control. If I get some time this weekend, I'll see if I can figure out
>> what is going on. If you do come up with a solution, it might be a good
>> idea to post is somewhere (UIpolicies. txt?) so other developers don't
>> have to solve the problem again.
>> Wayne
> I found this problem can easily fixed with wxWidgets version >= 2.8.8:
> wxGrid::SetRowLabelSize(wxGRID_AUTOSIZE) resizes the row labels cell
> automatically.
> (Not supported by wxFormBuilder stable version)

Thanks for the input. I will go back an revisit my spacer solution I
used in the pin properties dialog. Unfortunately Debian is still using
wxWidgets 2.8.7 even in unstable. I would use the debs from the
wxWidgets site but the last two times I did that I ended up with a bunch
conflicts which caused update problems.


> I am thinking this is not possible in older versions.
> Workaround: reserve bigger cells or write a function like
> EnsureTextCtrlWidth().
> But using the latest wxWidget version seems for me better.
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