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Re: where footprints come from (was Re: Re: Internal PCB Units?)


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Looks like a significant expenditure of energy to good effect! (Notice 
> how I avoided the word "investment".)

Thanks ! :-) It's at least an investment into experience. I had
thought of such a concept for quite a while, but without actually
implementing it, there's no way of knowing whether it actually
makes sense in real life.

> Ouch, if it's done in C, that's not for me.

Yeah, I thought you'd say that :-) But I hope it can at least be
useful as an example for the functionality. Also, in case we
decide on a common direction, people could use fped while KiCad's
"official" footprint editor is still being worked on, and switch
once the feature set they need is available.

- Werner