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Re: Re: R2217 bugs


Vesa Solonen wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 2010, jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
>> I am not sure wxAutoBufferedPaint is the problem under Linux, because recent
>> GTK libs are double buffered
>> and wxAutoBufferedPaint is defined as wxPaintDC in this case (like under
>> macOSX).
>> (in fact forcing wxPaintDC instead of wxAutoBufferedPaint does not change
>> the problem)
> I'm unsure where the problem lies, but with wxAutoBufferedPaint the 
> drawing is really double buffered --> no flicker on zoom. There has to be 
> a very serious problem if one can get 80% Xorg and 30% PCBnew CPU usage on 
> C2D just by rolling zoom on an empty board (grid dots on). My gut feeling 
> is immediate drawing mode and not using wxGC. Isn't wxDC going to get 
> phased out soon too?

This may fall under the category of be careful what you wish for. Many
of the drawing problems in Kicad are a result of how wxDC is used rather
than any inherent issues with wxDC. If the scaling, offsetting, and
orientation of coordinates where done using wxDC instead of the Kicad
drawing code, that would solve a great many problems. This would also
make the upgrade path to wxGCDC a lot easier. There is also some
drawing recursion that I am in the process of looking into as well. I
have a development branch of Kicad with the Kicad coordinate code
removed but it is very rough. It seems to render on screen correctly
but the zoom around cursor is broken. I haven't even looked at drawing
and/or printing yet. Once I get the zooming and drawing working
reasonably well, I may create a separate SVN branch if anyone else is
interested. Don't expect that to happen before the next stable release
of Kicad;)


> Current R2221 doesn't solve stuff, but BCBnew crashes on zoom...
> -Vesa


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