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wxGCDC (was Re: Re: R2217 bugs)


Hi Wayne,

>This would also
>make the upgrade path to wxGCDC a lot easier. There is also some
>drawing recursion that I am in the process of looking into as well. I
>have a development branch of Kicad with the Kicad coordinate code
>removed but it is very rough.

This sounds very interesting. Another library that i've tried for small Python programs was SFML:


It's optimized for fast drawing, supports scaling, alpha blending, works with MinGW etc.

Perhaps somebody likes it.


Quote from "Features":


Can be integrated into components of existing Qt / MFC / wxWidgets / Win32 / X11 / ... interfaces


* Interfaces very easily with OpenGL (see OpenGL samples)
* Modern effects available and hardware-accelerated : alpha-blending, rotations, shaders, ...
* Manages memory efficiently, so that you don't have to worry about resources lifetime or storage ; you can even load your graphical resources before any window is created
* Can load and save standard image formats : bmp, dds, jpg, png, tga, psd
* Can load all graphics resources directly from files in memory
* Can use views like in a 3D scene, to zoom / translate / rotate the whole world
* Uses a simplified shader language for adding real-time post-effects
* Easy manipulation of graphical text through bitmap fonts
* Supports unicode characters
* Can load standard font file formats : ttf, cff, pcf, fnt, bdf, pfr, sfnt, type 1, type 42

Bye ..
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