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Re: R2217 bugs


> > I'm unsure where the problem lies, but with wxAutoBufferedPaint the 
> > drawing is really double buffered --> no flicker on zoom. There has to be 
> > a very serious problem if one can get 80% Xorg and 30% PCBnew CPU usageon 
> > C2D just by rolling zoom on an empty board (grid dots on). My gut feeling 
> > is immediate drawing mode and not using wxGC. Isn't wxDC going to get 
> > phased out soon too?
> This may fall under the category of be careful what you wish for. Many
> of the drawing problems in Kicad are a result of how wxDC is used rather
> than any inherent issues with wxDC. If the scaling, offsetting, and
> orientation of coordinates where done using wxDC instead of the Kicad
> drawing code, that would solve a great many problems. This would also
> make the upgrade path to wxGCDC a lot easier. There is also some
> drawing recursion that I am in the process of looking into as well. 

I completly agree with you.
This is a long standing problem that i think should be attacked as soon as possible also in the mainstream SVN.
I think that code will be simplified much and we could exploit better the power of the modern UI API.