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wxGCDC (was Re: Re: R2217 bugs)


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Torsten Hüter" <torstenhtr@...> wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> >This would also
> >make the upgrade path to wxGCDC a lot easier. There is also some
> >drawing recursion that I am in the process of looking into as well. I
> >have a development branch of Kicad with the Kicad coordinate code
> >removed but it is very rough.
> This sounds very interesting. Another library that i've tried for small Python programs was SFML:
> http://www.sfml-dev.org/
> It's optimized for fast drawing, supports scaling, alpha blending, works with MinGW etc.

The library looks nice but i think the overhead of mantain this library in kicad and the time spent to adapt the code will be higher than the benefits.
Wxwindows already does all those things using native platform code, the problem we are talking about is to change how the application uses those API and prepare the code to use newer API. 

The application for example manages the ZOOM itself and probably could relyon what is already exposed by the library or for example we could use graphic calls with group primitives instead with single primitives.


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