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Re: Code Style (Re: Graphics Abstraction Layer)


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Dick hasn't simply been around here longer, he has made a lot of significant contributions to Kicad. I believe that only JP has contributed more code than Dick.

Well when this release hits, there will be that layer widget staring everyone in the face, but lurking underneath that is an iceburg of voluminous and wonderful contributions that Jean-Pierre has made, not the least of which is undo/redo. Jean-Pierre's contributions are *daily*. Just the work associated with fielding patches can be tedious and enormous.

We need to make sure that Jean-Pierre is up on top of the parade float when the parade hits the streets.

I would contribute more to Kicad, but my employer can only afford to have me do it every so often. Funny thing is, this happens more often when I am using the software to do a board. :)

(This email was for Jean-Pierre, merely deflecting attention away from me, and should not offend all the other wonderful contributors that generously donate their time and expertise, like Wayne, Marco, Lorenzo, Jerry, etc, etc..)