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Re: Library configuration


Ok, I think I have found the basic problem. I think it is a bug
in kicad, but I haven't tracked down the exact bit of code
that is causing the issue. (eeschema_config.cpp, projet_config.cpp ?)

I am an old Unix/Linux command line user and most of the time run
applications while in the working directory where the circuit design
is stored. If you do this and use relative paths for the *.pro file
then kicad does not actually read the file and eeschema uses its
template kicad.pro file with no errors or warnings.

So if you run something like "kicad CarHorn.pro" in the directory
where your design is kicad will not read the config file.
I suspect the lower level wxFileConfig class needs an absolute
path but kicad is just passing "CarHorn.pro".


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