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Re: Re: libstdc++


On 25/03/10 14:42, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

Terry Barnaby wrote:
> As a matter of interest I presume kicad is thinking of making the
> available in simple tar form rather than packages as RPM or DEB
packages ?
> I wonder how many users install from this type of package these days. I
> certainly haven't for many years.
> I wonder if it would be better to more closely work with the
> and Fedora/Centos packagers and help formulate standard *.spec etc files
> for kicad as part of the source tree ? This will make it easier for the
> packagers to package new releases and put it into the distribution's
> or main repositories.
> I note that someone was on this forum (Alain Portal?) recently asking for
> help to package for Fedora, Redhat EL5/Centos5 recently. They tend to
> know the particular distributions better and probably can help provide
> the basic testing for binary packages on the core used platforms out
> For the less used/maintained Linux distributions maybe kicad could
> and distribute a RPM and DEB package source package that can
> then be easily built by users (as well as the source in tar form) ? Also
> it would be possible to produce a generic binary RPM and DEB with
> statically linked libraries etc if needed.
> Terry


If you would like to advance this from being a "good idea" to "actually
useful", feel free to gather up the spec files and offer them as a patch.

Good ideas usually simply disolve into a "wishlist graveyard" if nobody
does anything about them.


I was thinking of this more as a communication exercise between kicad
developers and Fedora/Ubuntu packagers.

For Fedora the 2010-03-14 packages (with SPEC files) are already in the
in the Fedora testing repository at:

I note that for Fedora two patches are applied:
and a source kicad-ld.conf

Looking at the SPEC files shows the things that the fedora packagers
had to do to build/install the package on that system. Maybe the above
patches and the SPEC file fixes can be integrated into kicads SVN tree ?

I can gather these up and offer them as a patch if that would be useful.


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