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Re: Re: libstdc++


Le Jeudi 25 Mars 2010 20:30:19, vous avez écrit :

> I was thinking of this more as a communication exercise between kicad
> developers and Fedora/Ubuntu packagers.

The Fedora packager will be please to easy the kicad packaging...

> For Fedora the 2010-03-14 packages (with SPEC files) are already in the
> in the Fedora testing repository at:
> http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/updates/testing/12/

For Fedora users, use "yum update --enablerepo=updates-testing kicad" to 
install this package.

> I note that for Fedora two patches are applied:
> kicad-2010.03.14-link-fixes.patch

This patch is to fix the problem with linking the kicad provided kbool library.
This is strange..., I was sure to post a message on this list to send this 
patch, but I don't find this message, so, I attach it now.

> kicad-2010.03.14-fix-demos-install.patch

No relevant with the upstream tarball.

> and a source kicad-ld.conf

This file was introduced sometime ago by another packager. It seems it fix a 
problem when building differents architechtures.
Actually, this file contains only the string "/usr/lib/kicad" and is modified, 
via spec file, in "/usr/lib64/kicad" when the built is for x86_64 arch.

> Looking at the SPEC files shows the things that the fedora packagers
> had to do to build/install the package on that system. Maybe the above
> patches and the SPEC file fixes can be integrated into kicads SVN tree ?
> I can gather these up and offer them as a patch if that would be useful.

kicad-2010.03.14-link-fixes.patch, yes,
kicad-2010.03.14-fix-demos-install.patch, certainely not ;-)
and kicad-ld.conf, I don't know...

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