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Re: Bug Database is not yet open for business


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

Thank you for the recognition, and for all the work that you do.

Back to the subject now. Even if the cost were zero, is it even advantageous to have all the old bugs? In other words, should we simply cancel the action request manifested in the launchpad "question"?

I am beginning to think that searching through old bugs is
particularly helpful, and if we need to, we have them in a separate form for referral purposes.

Jean Pierre, this really should be your decision, since currently you are the one working these bugs most actively. If the decision is to NOT import the old bugs, that can be handled by simply closing the question and stating why. I am happy to close the question if you want to omit the old bugs. It might be cumbersome digging an attachment out of the old bug export, and I believe that the import WILL include these attachments. So this needs to be considered.

I am very minor preference for not doing the import, (even if it were easy) but will defer to the decisions of those with a stronger opinion on this subject.


I forgot about feature requests. These are much higher value than old bugs, and I don't want to offend anyone by having a feature request get dropped. So I change my position back to doing the import. However if somebody feels the old bugs should be omitted, then that person could volunteer to edit the XML file that will be imported and remove the old bugs, keeping the feature requests.