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Re: Graphics Abstraction Layer for KiCad


On 07/14/2010 01:29 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Jul 2010, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> The meaning of your last sentence is not clear to me.  Can you clarify
>> and elaborate please what you mean.
> I find very useful the artifacts (mostly dots at the edge) of the 'old'
> position to align the 'new' position. I.e. keeping drawn in 'grayed'
> mode the original object during moving.

This seems like it could be worth the (potentially substantial) extra
work.  I think it would be a useful feature.  If the new GAL library is
deemed a worthy future path of travel, then I wonder if the XOR
technique currently used for object dragging operations would go away. 
And we would simply use a redraw technique, but my assumption could be
wrong.  And I have wondered about how we could do the interactive
rubber-banding box drawing without XOR, same way Torsten?

Again, I do think the feature you Lorenzo highlight would be slick, and
would actually be a little more intentional than some of the artifacts
we have now.  Those current artifacts are more like litter left behind
after a picnic :), but seem to have been found useful.

> And talking about opengl performance, try to get something acceptable
> with the OS ATI drivers, since the proprietary ones have the bad habit
> of mark 'legacy' all that is more than 2yo...
> My newest machine is a dual core with a radeon 200 mobility (about 3yo)
> and the only driver available is the open source one! And it's renowned
> for sucking at opengl :P
> That's on of the reasons for being against using opengl if it isn't
> strictly necessary... arent't GDI/Xgc operations already accelerated
> anyway?

I too still have computers that eventually stopped working well for me
as software advanced.  And my 8 month old android capable cell phone is
already obsolete...  but somehow I don't think any of the guys writing
software for it really care, since their time is valuable.