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netlist_form_pads-pcb.xml -- patch


> I will spend a little time now trying to bring the
>    eeschema/plugins/netlist_form_pads-pcb.cpp
> back to life using the XML export as input, with a quick look to see if
> it can be done most easily with XSLT on the XML export.
> (xsltproc is available on all our supported platforms, and I want a
> break from C++)
> Dick

New plugin patch attached.

We will need to enhance the netlist export plugin support to the point
where we can run:

"xsltproc netlist_form_pads-pcb.xsl project.tmp -o project.net"

I think this means providing a string:

"xsltproc netlist_form_pads-pcb.xsl %F.tmp -o %F.net"

and doing substitution before we chain load the plugin.

Where %F might be the selected and path, minus extension.

We probably need more than %F.  Might need some richer substitution
triggers than this, like %I and %O, or whatever other simple scheme
folks can think up.

Brian maybe this is something you can take up.  It could be done as a
simple function call just before calling the Write_GENERIC..() 

Even though you may not need this support for invoking python, I am
tapped out and need to get back to work.

Plugin attached.

Waiting for the new BOM support now and trying to make a living....


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