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Re: About scripts and central program


On 08/07/2010 08:59 AM, Brian F. G. Bidulock wrote:
> Dick,
> What's an S-record file?
> --brian

Sorry, it was late when I posted.  I meant to say S-expression file
(which is a term we only recently started using here, although we have
been talking about using this file format for about 2 years).

(export (version D)
  (design () ())
  (nets (net ..)(net..) )
  (components (comp ..) (comp..) )
  (libparts (part ..) (part..))
  (libraries (library..)(library..))

google for S-expression if you need more.

To see what would be in there for starters before you start hand adding
(in XML form, not S-expression form), do an EESCHEMA netlist export
using the "Add Plugin" submenu.  Provide "ls" as a dummy post processor,
and your preview export file will be in XML format with file name
<chosenbasefilename>.tmp.  This file is what we call the "generic
netlist export", and is in XML to make life easier for non-Kicad tools. 
I want to use S-expression files for Kicad tools, but the content is the
same, structure is the same.

Conceptually morph that content to S-expression and that would be the
carrier envelop I can have for you later today, along with the ability
to load the standard one into PCBNEW.