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Re: Launchpad merge request update.


On 08/24/2010 08:41 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> I have been following the bug fix that was preventing merge requests from
> properly being sent to Launchpad and a fix has been release.  The information
> about it can be found at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/522637.  It requires
> some manual intervention to fix any branches created by a previous version of
> Bazaar.  I will attempt to submit a test merge request as soon as a build of
> the newly released versions of Bazaar is available on one of the platforms I
> use.  If someone has an opportunity to attempt this before I get around to it,
> please do.  We are already starting to accumulate quite a few patches on the
> mailing list and I am having difficulty keeping up with them all.  I think the
> sooner we can start using Launchpad merge requests, the better.
> Wayne

Thanks Wayne.

In the mean time I have created a "search folder" within Thunderbird
that is working quite well to track patches.  This is a two tier
folder.  At the top level is kicad folder, which receives anything from
the mailing list by way of a filter and move setting.  Then if the title
has "patch" in it, a folder below Kicad gets a copy of that posting. 
And if you setup the subfolder to show threaded postings, this gives you
a patch specific history.  The subfolder is some new fangled "search
folder" that thunderbird now supports, and I think it is somehow based
on a filter of a parent folder.

In fact we are not in bad shape on patches piling up, once you have this
view.  I am still not sold on the notion that everyone will be able to
send a signed email with the merge request.   It might also be
reasonable to ask folks to simply attach patches to bugs/enhancements on
the buglist, if this thunderbird strategy is not an acceptable solution
for you.

My first choice would be to coax launchpad into creating a form to
submit merge requests.  (Not currently available.)  My second choice is
to have folks using the mailing list, but to standardize the posting
title with a string in it that says patch.  My third choice would be to
use the bug list.  My fourth choice would be to *hope* that folks can
send signed emails with proper merge request and not have their heads


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