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Re: Launchpad merge request update.


On 8/24/2010 4:40 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> On 08/24/2010 08:41 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> I have been following the bug fix that was preventing merge requests from
>> properly being sent to Launchpad and a fix has been release.  The information
>> about it can be found at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/522637.  It requires
>> some manual intervention to fix any branches created by a previous version of
>> Bazaar.  I will attempt to submit a test merge request as soon as a build of
>> the newly released versions of Bazaar is available on one of the platforms I
>> use.  If someone has an opportunity to attempt this before I get around to it,
>> please do.  We are already starting to accumulate quite a few patches on the
>> mailing list and I am having difficulty keeping up with them all.  I think the
>> sooner we can start using Launchpad merge requests, the better.
>> Wayne
> Thanks Wayne.
> In the mean time I have created a "search folder" within Thunderbird
> that is working quite well to track patches.  This is a two tier
> folder.  At the top level is kicad folder, which receives anything from
> the mailing list by way of a filter and move setting.  Then if the title
> has "patch" in it, a folder below Kicad gets a copy of that posting. 
> And if you setup the subfolder to show threaded postings, this gives you
> a patch specific history.  The subfolder is some new fangled "search
> folder" that thunderbird now supports, and I think it is somehow based
> on a filter of a parent folder.
> In fact we are not in bad shape on patches piling up, once you have this
> view.  I am still not sold on the notion that everyone will be able to
> send a signed email with the merge request.   It might also be
> reasonable to ask folks to simply attach patches to bugs/enhancements on
> the buglist, if this thunderbird strategy is not an acceptable solution
> for you.
> My first choice would be to coax launchpad into creating a form to
> submit merge requests.  (Not currently available.)  My second choice is
> to have folks using the mailing list, but to standardize the posting
> title with a string in it that says patch.  My third choice would be to
> use the bug list.  My fourth choice would be to *hope* that folks can
> send signed emails with proper merge request and not have their heads
> explode.

I may have to fall back to your approach.  I just spent the day trying every
combination of repos and 'bzr send' that I could think of using Bazaar 2.2.0.
It appears that the repo in Launchpad will have to be reconciled with the
--canonicalize-chks option in order to solve (maybe) this problem.  Just to
make it convenient you must check out development branch of Bazaar(2.3) and
build it because it was not included in the 2.2 release.  This makes me wonder
if it is even safe.  I really don't have the time nor the patience to attempt
this as I have already spent way more time on this than I wanted to.  I guess
I'll wait until Bazaar 2.3 is released before I give it another try.  I want to
mod down my Launchpad feedback a few points.


> Dick
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