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Re: Collateral effect with module editor hotkeys


Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :

On Mon, 30 Aug 2010, Alex G wrote:

I would question the need to move the _entire_ module in the module
editor (if I understand you correctly). Moving a pad is a far more
common occurence. If one needs to move the whole module, a block select
is the preferred option, IMO.

No, it occurs in the *board* editor. Let's say I'm placing a connector
on the board, hit M and only a pad comes away :(

In the right click menu both move pin and move package are available as
'M', maybe it simply pick the first one.

Pcbnew has 2 modes to select items:
in footprint mode (upper toolbar, third tool from the right activated) the footprint selection has the priority over pads and fields.
(and popup menus show more options to move footprints)
in normal mode , pads and texts (fields) have the priority over the footprint.
So usually, using footprint mode is better when starting a board, and using the normal mode is better to finish the board (when moving refs and values to avoid overlapping )

JP Charras

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