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Re: Collateral effect with module editor hotkeys


>> Pcbnew has 2 modes to select items:
>> in footprint mode (upper toolbar, third tool from the right activated)
>> the footprint selection has the priority over pads and fields.
>> (and popup menus show more options to move footprints)
>> in normal mode , pads and texts (fields) have the priority over the
>> footprint.
>> So usually, using footprint mode is better when starting a board, and
>> using the normal mode is better to finish the board (when moving refs
>> and values to avoid overlapping )
> I'm tempted to jump at your neck and say "WRONG!!!", but I'll try not to
> :) .
> I understand the need to have the Values and References at a higher
> priority, but consider the following scenario:
> You're in autoroute mode, You move modules a bit here and there, and
> autoroute pad by pad, or module by module. If you don't like the result,
> you delete the new track, and move the module a bit. I do that; a lot.
> Having the pads come off a module in _ANY_ mode is both counterintuitive
> an counterproductive. IMO, the pads should have one of the lower
> priorities, below that of the parent (this is just paraphrasing you
> guys, I'm not familiar with the source code). If one _really_ needs to
> move a pad, then this can be done by right-click/Pad/Move pad.
> I have tested rev 2468, and it is like navigating a mine field trying to
> keep the pads where they belong.
> If my vote counts, this is it. :-p
> Alex


You are responding to an old post and taking it out of context.  If you
capture the jest of the most recent postings, there is no disagreement
that I can see between anyone.

My understanding is that Marco is in the process of preparing another patch.

Drink a little less coffee before your next posting please.


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