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Re: New Layers


Brian F. G. Bidulock wrote:

Yes.  If it would compile and run yet it would be there.  I could
put it there is someone wants to just look at the code for now...

I've put the new layers up as "coming soon"

As Dick has pointed out, Copper and Component were changed quite a
while ago to be Front and Back instead which are more reasonable layer
Oops..Dick was right. I believed my old wiki notes even though I look at the new names daily - glad to see this filtered in.

The one term that still annoys me in EEschema is "value" - it seems to suggest that one should use it for the value of a resistor instead of the part name - as if one used a single part for all values of a 0805 resistor - just the value field changed for different ohm values.

In Pads logic, I think the name-of-the-part field was called "name". In pcad it is "type" and value in pcad refers to the foot-print.

Looking forward to these new layers.

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