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Re: Associated Doc files


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

Assigning a DocFileName attribute to a *symbol* makes no sense for pure
symbols, even to hold a single document name, let alone multiple names. This is surely true for the resistor symbols, and less true for part
specific library components.

That would suggest that one should be able to assign a doc from within eeschema instead of creating a symbol that is actually a part in libedit - but eeschema doesn't work that way (yet?).

In my mind, after one is assigns attributes it is no longer a symbol and it becomes a part.

As someone that has used PCB CAD for 25+ years - I want MY personal Library to have parts, not symbols.

It has been said on this list that the DocFileName is redundant with the
"DATASHEET" field.

I agree

Another idea to put on the table for consideration is to:

** remove DocFileName altogether in favor of moving this information
into the "fields" (aka properties), starting with fieldname "DATASHEET",
and continuing with additional fields.  In support of the PDF viewing
capability, we could add some mechanism to treat any field as a viewable
document in the user interface.  Candidate mechanisms might be a right
click popup menu choice, or a field "type" column or checkbox, and more
(this is not a complete list for brainstorming purposes).

I agree - and why not move all three fields on the libedit/edit-component-properties/description-tab
to libedit/ edit-component-properties/field-properties?

I also envision the ability to change and add any of those fields from within eeschema/edit_component and have the option of updating the changes to the library.(probably want a 'mother may I' here to prevent accidental over writing).

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