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Re: library structure


On Fri, 24 Sep 2010, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

I'm not particularly thrilled by the idea of using a database.  There are the

Neither me, I couldn't open it in vi :D it's the 'library' idea which is
flawed IMHO. If it isn't for some of these crappy filesystems we have
around (you know their names) I would make a file for each part. And
maybe libraries would be directories them :P

Copy the component? Copy a file :P an index file would be obviously
useful for performance reasons (*if* you wouldn't slurp everything in
core as it does now, otherwise it would be only a readdir loop)

On IMAP servers mailing lists this would be the mbox vs maildir holy war :D

The problem with libraries is how you classify stuff... by manufacturer,
purpose or what? what about *really* mixed signals devices? an MCP2200
would be in the microchip lib, in the interface lib or some kind of usb

OH and, I finally found *one* use case for 'project only' symbols: when
you have about 5 different uses for a pin it could be useful to put on
the schematic the 'actual' use of these pins; for example a typical
PIC18F pin has name: RB5/AN13/CCP3/P3A/T1G/T3CKI, depending on fuses an
configuration registries... since I'm hooking only a pushbutton on that,
I would like to call him simply 'RB5' but *only* in this project.
I survive without the feature without problem, but at least now we have
a use case for that.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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