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Re: Improving usability of KiCad



On Mon, 11 Oct 2010, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Look, I just want to re-iterate the concerns I brought up about this 6
> months ago. 
> I did not think it was a good idea then, and I still feel that way.  In
> general, we welcome your contributions.  You bring a great deal of
> expertise to the project. 
> But when your contributions start to feel like a body blow inflicted
> with a whole slab of beef, rather than bite sized incremental
> improvements that we can digest and understand in a few minutes, some
> folks begin to question this.  And I am not speaking only about me.
> At some point it becomes an imposition, and overly presumptuous that we
> have to eat the whole slab of beef without time to even look at it, or
> cut it into smaller pieces.
> Its time to focus on what it will take to be a team player.  Being
> right, bringing excellent beef, may not be the only thing important at
> this point.

What are you talking about?  Metric units?

Metric units is a no-brainer.  Every _other_ PCB CAD system has been
using them for, oh, about the last 30 years or so.  For some of the
technical problems that results from a poor selection of internal units,
see my other notes on this thread.

For more of my thinking on the changes that I have embarked upon,
see the current copy of my design notes here:


Warning: only start reading this if you are interested in several hundred
pages of ramblings.

As for putting up a branch, I would, but I don't need a whole PPA thing, I
don't care to sign any agreement.  If someone can direct me towards some
quick pointers for setting up a bzr branch somewhere where you all can get
at it, let me know and I'll see about doing it.

As to incremental changes, I believe we discussed those before: all
siginificant progress requires a quantuum leap or rewrite at some point:
just like the EESCHEMA library code.


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