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Re: library structure


On 12/04/2010 02:19 AM, Michael Heidinger wrote:
> First i want to say that metric is standard in the world. This has a 
> reason: All unites are logically structured and easyly convertable into 
> other units of the SI system. Having both will just cause problems and 
> will be confusing for everybody. So lets do it one time the correct way 
> and stop unit-mesurement-problem 4ever! Lets fix it on one standard: Metric.


Lets remember we are talking about eeschema here, not pcbnew.

* pcbnew library redesign is another time, and another effort. *

metric schematics are only mildly useful.  By this, I assume one would
mean grid spacing?  Remember schematic parts are not actual footprints.

We can support metric schematic parts, but I think aligning to a common
grid size will in the end be more useful.  What good is it to load a
schematic part and have its pins not aligned to a common grid?

Again, schematics, not footprints or pcbnew are in discussion here.

Much will be learned and pioneered here for EESCHEMA, and then the more
demanding PCBNEW library concepts can be handled later.  I don't want to
get into PCBNEW libraries yet, since any PCBNEW implementation work is
thought to be planned later.  There will be mandatory additional and
more demanding needs for the PCBNEW libraries, and real world
engineering units are among them.

Wayne is soon revealing a new EESCHEMA part file format document that we
worked on together.  And soon we are also revealing a C++ class system
for a distributed library management system, and the new parts list
concept, soon.  I just have to make a few more pictures with inkscape,
argh, not my familiar tool.


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