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Re: New part file format document.


Some aid comes from making the list of lists be just a simple


where the contained string is a sorted list of space separated pins.

This gets pretty easy then.

Can you then support:

base class:

(pin_merge  A B)

derived class:

(pin_merge B A C D)

The remaining problem is that you do not know what to look up, there is no separator
between AB (old) & CD (new)

The list of lists may not be the only path to persue.

Another idea might be to put an integer "merge_code" in each pin, and tie the pins
together that way.  The merge_code is simply a number that increments uniquely within
each PART for each *unique*, not additive merge list.

The merge_code for pins not merged could be zero.

Probably still missing something, but again, coder decides.